Poker festival London
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Poker festival London

Poker festival

Poker festival London

In the world of card games, Poker has a special place. The exquisite casino culture, the charming lifestyle of the gambling, and the recreational facilities of the casino makes the game a must to try. However, the fun hits the next level when you are in a Poker Tournament. The excitement doubles up and the entertainment just keeps pouring in the game. In addition to all the glamour and glitter that London is known for, it has a decent reputation among the poker players thanks to London’s Poker Festival. In recent years, the people making it to London to attend and enjoy the event has increased, and with delicious food, soothing music shows, and the convenience of the city, the audience and participants are amused.

Poker Tournament


London is known for its hospitality and just in case you make it to the Poker festival, the level just makes a huge space for the incorporation of entertainment, enjoyment, and a lot of fun. Given that the last year due to the unprecedented pandemic, the economy has been taking a hit and the world is still recovering, the gambling industry in the country is partially open, but as we move on to a new era, the casinos are likely to welcome the players with the same enthusiasm. The future events will indeed be different with provision to the safety measures like sanitation, but if you are considering the fun, that you can be assured that London has never disappointed anyone. The events will be more controlled compared to the earlier ones, the crowds will be at half-capacity and the normal protocols will be adapted to fit the new requirements.

 Key Tournaments:

Usually held in January, this year’s tournaments will take some time due to the safety measures. However, if you’re a poker fan, then nothing should disappoint especially when there are a lot of prizes to grab. The diversity is such that you can’t even overlook the participation. For winning the main event, you will win £500,000. This is what all the players will be aiming for. The best of the best fighting to be the best will be an event that will offer the world its dose of entertainment. As of now, there is no confirmation for the tournament.


The 888 is a name in the gambling industry that has a unique reputation to it and when it comes to poker, they are the mandarins of the game. In addition to that, they also offer various other games and casino services that have helped it to carve a unique place for the name. Furthermore, it holds regular live poker events and tournaments where the winner takes an amount of £100,000 home. There is a prediction that the future events of Poker Festival London can be with the 888 Poker. Moreover, the players who might be coming to London for participation will have nothing to worry about the location and the accommodation as there are a lot of discounts being offered to the players.



Poker in London is a blend that you can never deny, but to make this a better experience, preparation and dedication are the keys.

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