How do casinos know that you are counting cards?
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How do casinos know that you are counting cards?

counting cards

How do casinos know that you are counting cards?

Casino games not just skill and expertise, but also strategies and the way you execute them. Even though you may be good at card games, if you don’t know how to employ the skill, the result will not be fair to you. Leaving apart all this, some strategies can be trouble-makers, this is due to the fact that casinos don’t allow it and one such is card counting. However, the law completely allows it, but the gambling houses may ask you to leave the premises if you’re caught. Having said that, the casinos are highly-surveilled properties and nothing skips the eyes in the sky.

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A blacklisted player:

Modern-casinos are full of CCTV cameras and security. Whatever happens on the property is recorded and there are eyes on everything. Modern technology has made gambling more convenient and secure. The blacklisted players are registered in the database of the casino and there are facial recognition software that can identify you. The casino can have you removed from the property if you’re caught and if you have been a serious offender, you won’t be even allowed.


The aggressive approach in security means an increased number of CCTV cameras on the property. This has allowed the casinos to keep an eye on everything that is happening. From tables to the slots, nothing is overlooked and if there are unfair means or that which the house doesn’t agree with, the camera will catch it.

Shared security:

One of the most significant developments that happened in the casino industry is the sharing of security-related data among the casino. Even though this idea is yet to be global, shared security means the transfer of information on suspects. Having said that, if a person has been caught counting cards in one casino, they can be identified and denied permission.

Hiring card counters:

The modern casino requires new measures to catch the offenders and to do that, what can be best than to get a former card counting expert. This way the job becomes easier for the casino to catch the counting.


Apart from all the things that have been mentioned, there are other indicators of counting cards. If there is such a thing that the dealer suspect, the pit bosses are informed who are experts to point out. The suspicion can arise if a player bets low at the beginning of the shoe and high at the end. Any irregularity in the pattern of the player will arouse suspicion.


Even though card counting isn’t illegal, but casinos have an aggressive policy against it and if you are found doing it, the least they can do is to ask you to leave. However, there is a space for card counting and even though it’s little, many of the gamblers try that. Besides to that, there are also conflicting opinions about its success, but when it comes to the application, the approach needs to be skillful and a lot of preparation goes into its execution. Being a little hard to master, the casino also has the power to overcome your counting-coup by simply changing the deck.

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