Facts about gambling you never knew
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Facts about gambling you never knew


Facts about gambling you never knew

Gambling has been part of human civilization since the beginning of time or since ancient times. However, recently there has been a lot of transition in matters of the outreach and the way it operates. The pop up of the online casinos have been a boon to the overall gambling industry and with the expansion to even the areas where the playing is either restricted or prohibited, the new addition of the audience has played a central role in advancing and forcing the industry to take radical measures to address the issues and modernize them.

The maze:

Casinos are complex structures. From Las Vegas to Macau, the designers make sure to adhere to the guidelines and standards of the industry keeping in view the basic structure. One of the things that you may be well aware of is the maze structure of the houses. This is not just the external but also the internal design of the casinos. This can be spotted by looking at the arrangements of the tables and where the machines are located making it hard to navigate the casino without running into the games that you’re intended to.

Slot machines:

It’s nearly impossible to imagine a casino without the installation of slots in it. There is not even a such casino. Invented by Charles Ray, the initial idea behind it was that he wanted to keep the customers busy until their cars were fixed. This soon became a phenomenon until it was finally adopted by the modern casinos.

Slot machines

First Casino:

The establishment of the modern casino has been an entirely different process. Compared to the earlier gambling industry, the casinos are much more sophisticated. The first license to operate a casino was given to Mayme Stocker in Nevada.

Card counting:

There are conflicting opinions about card counting where some agree to the thought that it can help in the game whereas others don’t subscribe to the notion. Leaving aside the thought of it working, it’s completely legal to do so. No law prohibits card counting, however, the casino can ask the player to leave the premises.


Gambling is fun but when things go south and you find yourself slipping to addiction, the best you can do is to ask the casino to put you in self-exclusion. This is when the gambling house disallows you to gamble after you reach a certain limit.


Legality is varying in different countries depending on the popular opinion and perception of the public. Even though there have been radical reforms and lobbying by the industry, a wide and mainstream transformation of the industry will take some time. Though the territories like Macau represent the growth of the industry, the significance of lobbying is more important than ever.


Over the last few decades gambling, in general, has transformed a lot and with the addition of online casinos, the industry has made significant growth. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done in general.

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