Interesting facts about playing cards
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Interesting facts about playing cards

playing cards

Interesting facts about playing cards

Irrespective of the place, if you step into a casino, the first thing that you will notice is the dealers shuffling cards. The unique blend of sounds is what casinos are all about. Leaving apart all the games that you can play at a casino, cards are the options that you can’t overlook. They are fun, serious, and allow you an experience that is hard to get. Ever since gambling made its entry into human civilization, cards are an inherent part and there have been various records that show us that its history is centuries old. In addition to that, modern casinos have made them more popular and less alien.


Size of the deck:

The number of cards in the deck is 52. The question arises why? However, there is no straight explanation to that as cards have progressed and developed with time, but one thing is certain that the British Colonial Empire played an important role in exporting the games to the rest of the world which promoted the 52-cards deck of the French version.

The first cards:

In addition to a lot of inventions, the Chinese have the world’s first cards in their account. However, these cards were different than the modern ones. The deck was made of 32 cards of dominoes which are still in use. Most of the records put this occurrence in the 9th century. Being the earlier version of cards in the world, they surely hold a special place in history.


Sin City is a place that will never disappoint you. The games are innumerable, the fun is unlimited and the stay is worth the trip. Apart from this, card games are the best in the city, but there is a lot of shuffling and the casino changes a lot of decks in a day. Depending on the schedule and the business of the casinos, a deck can even be changed after an hour.

Oldest cards:

Nothing can take the credit from the old handprinted cards from the 15th century. The vintage cards are from the Netherlands in good condition and displayed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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You are well aware of the security that is installed in the casinos, but cards are to be checked a lot. In a matter of cards, it’s ensured that the symbols are bigger so if any bias or cheating is happening, the cameras can catch it. That is further checked by the Pit Boss and the Dealer.


Card games in general are the most fun and entertaining ways to gamble. With the advent of online casinos, gambling has become easier and convenient. Even though you will still require the basic knowledge and experience at the game, you can rest assured that there’s no need to venture out of your home. After all, card games are options that require skill, strategy, and a presence of mind. A little practice before you wager your money will assist you in the game.

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