How to Count odds and outs in Texas Hold’em Poker? | 2 Dawn
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How to Count odds and outs in Texas Hold’em Poker?

Count odds

How to Count odds and outs in Texas Hold’em Poker?

Poker is the pure love of many gambling fans around the world. It holds ultimate euphoria and attracts many admirers towards it. If you are a fan of Poker, then here is the best advice to count odds and outs in Texas Hold’em Poker.

Learning poker odds and outs are not simple. It takes dedication and passion, just like other hard sports do. Here is a list of tips to count the odds and outs lucidly.

1.     Do basic math

Doing basic math can help you nail the counting of odds in a very more straightforward way. Odds can be represented both as “for” and “against”.  In Poker, you need to flush when you hold four suited cards with one card as approximately 4 to 1. Maintain or learn to manage the same ratio. If you want to identify the odd, you need to add a 4 and 1 simultaneously, which makes it 5. The one method of converting the odds is by dividing the percentage chance by possibilities of you hitting and not hitting.

2.    Counting the outs

The best poker gamer says that even before you start to calculate your odds, you need to know your outs. An out card is one which is going to make your hand. There are a lot of examples to show the write way of calculating outs. One is, say you have a flush to draw with four hearts, and then there will be nine hearts remaining in the deck. Do not forget that there are 13 cards in a suit, so basically you have got 13-4= 9 cards to flush.

3.    Do not count the outs twice

This is the prevalent mistake committed by the players. You always have 15 outs left when you have both straight and flush draw. Many people come with a dilemma of the numbers of outs they think there supposed to be 17 outs, but now it is 15. You need eight outs to make a straight and nine out for a flush.

4.    Know the anti-outs and blocks

There are many outs which can improve your hand. That does not mean it is ideal for making you win.  It is advisable to know the side of caution when you asses possible outs. Remember that all your outs are not going to help you. There are good outs, not so good outs and anti-outs, use them carefully.



5.    Counting the poker odds

Once you are done with counting the number of outs, it is time to count the odds. There many multitudes of ways to calculate the actual odds. You need not take the help of math to count them. Most of the chances go in hitting the wrong odds. Sometimes the accuracy will fail, but rigorous practice can help you nail it.


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