Drawbacks of card counting
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Drawbacks of card counting

card counting

Drawbacks of card counting

Expert or amateur gamblers are always finding ways to beat the system, to go against the flow, and identify the loopholes in the system. This gives birth to various theories and strategies which many devise to go against the usual ways of gambling. Featured in hundreds of books, Card counting is such a technique that has kept the gambler on their toes, and with conflicting opinions, it surely is an enticing idea. However, contrary to the popular opinion and widely held notion, the subscription to this technique seems a façade of reality. There are not many credible references and occurrences that establish that card counting has a huge impact on the house edge.

Tough to learn:

In all the games, blackjack in particular hasn’t been much beneficial and many of the experts suggest that the time that you invest in learning the technique, the same time can be given to other strategies. IN addition to that, the learning can be a tiresome process where there is a lot of pressure to learn it and in return, you don’t have much of an impact on the edge. Should the more profitable strategies be learned, that will surely turn to be profitable? The time consuming on the technique is a waste and even though there have been accounts where the initiators have capitalized on the strategy, the rest of the majority contests it. There are various other factors in counting that will affect the probability of the game when it comes to cashing or the aggressive surveying of the platform catches you.


The Decks keep changing:

As you embark on your counting journey and just in case you mastered the skill believing that you will cash, other factors will lead to your downfall in the game. The problem lies in the popularity of the technique as the players as well as the casino is well aware of card counting. This means that there is a system that caters to the requirement of the casino and even though you aren’t asked to leave the casino when found out, the simplest thing the casino can do is to get a new deck. This will rain on your parade. All that time you spent counting cards will be of no use in a new deck. Card counting takes the fun out of a game and turns it into labor. The basic reason that you play games in a casino is not just the money, but the entertainment that comes with it. However, the adoption of radical concentration and extreme focus makes the game a job and you overlook the basic component of enjoyment.

Card counting


The casino is in its rights to take action against you, however, that’s just confined to you leave the premises. No law prohibits card counting and even though you are caught doing so, the least casino can do is to remove you from the property.


Card counting might not be illegal, but it’s not entertaining at all and no players have made it to the big bucks with counting cards. At the end of the day, the successful are the ones that adopt profitable strategies and develop skills.

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