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Blog Highlights

How to Play Online Poker Tournaments

Poker is among the most popular casino games played across the globe. The game is not only interesting and fun but also gives players opportunities to win significant amounts of money. What is even more attractive about poker is the tournaments.

Different casinos usually host poker tournaments where players go against each other to determine who is the best, or the luckiest, who then wins a prize. There are many types of poker tournaments, which come in various forms and offering varying amounts of rewards to winners. Among the most popular are the poker satellite tournaments, which we are going to highlight below.

Satellite Tournaments

The satellite tournaments are relatively small tournaments that nearly all registered players can join. The amount of money required to join is usually not much, with some casino providers allowing even free entries.

With that said, the satellite poker tournaments also do not usually offer any money as a pool prize money. Instead, winning gives access to a variety of offers and entry into other tournaments, such as live tournaments.

The entry fees to other tournaments are usually quite high, which means that the winners of the satellite tournaments get to save a significant amount of money. Ideally, anyone with a limited budget who wishes to join a major tournament that has a high buy-in can use the satellite tournament to get an opportunity to experience the excitement and atmosphere of the bigger tournaments.

Top Reasons to Play Satellite Tournaments

  • To Win Real Money

There are many reasons to play satellite tournaments, other than gaining entry into a bigger tournament. Among the most common reasons is to win real money. Despite the top prize not being offered in the form of money for satellite tournaments, there is still a possibility of winning significant amounts of money throughout the tournaments.

  • To Hone Poker Skills

By participating in satellite tournaments, you get to compete against other players that might be of any skill level. You can use that opportunity to try out or improve your strategies. Given that buy-in is relatively cheap, you can afford to lose some games while gaining experience and perfecting your play.

  • For Entertainment

Other people join the satellite poker tournament for the mere reason of having fun. The tournaments can be a great and entertaining way to pass the time. If you have nothing to do over the weekend, for example, you can join a tournament that will last the entire weekend. The tournaments can be played right from mobile devices, which means that you get to participate from wherever you might be.

How to Take Part in Satellite Poker Tournament

You should start by choosing an online poker provider and register to become a member. Ensure you select a casino that does offer satellite tournaments and that you will be eligible to play. After joining the online casino, you can then navigate based on the user interface to the poker section. For some casinos, you may have again to open a poker account or at least a poker profile.

The next step would be to add funds to your poker account. The payment options approved by the casino informs the deposit method chosen. The funds that you will deposit are what you will use to enter a poker room and stake. You can then browse any of the available satellite poker tournaments. There is a possibility of not finding a satellite tournament at some particular times. If that is the case, you can wait until a tournament begins.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Poker Tournaments

  • The Final Prize

The final prize awarded for the poker tournament should be one that can be of benefit to you. If, for example, the prize is a ticket to a live tournament, ensure that you attend the tournament. Limitations can range from time constraints to geographical boundaries. If the prize is entry to a live tournament, check whether it will include your travel and accommodation expenses. That will help you to make the right decision based on your finances.

  • Cost of Buy-In

The buy-in for poker tournaments usually varies. Most of the buy-in for satellite tournaments, however, are typically affordable. The decision on which tournament to enter with consideration to buy-in price depend on the poker budget that you have. Make sure that the tournament prize is worth the buy-in amount.

  • Duration of the Tournament

Different tournaments are usually scheduled to last different amounts of time. Numerous factors may influence the possible duration of a tournament, which you can consider. Overall, ensure that you will be available to participate in the tournament until it is completed.

  • Other Specifications

There are various other specifications, which you also need to consider before applying for a tournament. Such include the type of poker being played, level duration, stack sizes, and additional awards, among others.

poker hand

Top Tips for Winning Poker Tournaments

Winning a poker tournament is usually not as easy as some pro poker players make it seem. There is a lot that you need to do to increase your chances of performing well in the tournament and walking out with a good prize. Below are a few tips that will come in handy, irrespective of how good a player you are.

Prepare to Play for Long

Most of the poker tournaments usually take many hours to complete. For that reason, you need to be prepared mentally and physically to play the tournament for as long as it will go. Doing that will help you to maintain focus throughout the event, which is essential to winning in poker. If you have a job, for example, you need to know that the tournament might continue way past your time to go to work.

Prepare Yourself Mentally for Crazy Swings

The variance in poker tournament stakes can be quite huge, mainly because of the many opponents that you have to face. There is a higher possibility of opponents calling your raises, including when you opt to go all in, even when they have ridiculous holdings. That further adds to the unpredictability of the outcomes. Mental preparation for such will ensure that it will not affect your strategies or decisions.

Value Bet Your Hands to the Maximum and Keep Everything Simple

Among the most common mistakes that players make in poker tournaments is trying an elaborate bluff. Doing so can work at times, but the risk is usually not worth it in a tournament. That is because most people will not be bothered by what is in your hand as they focus on what they have as they try to get to the showdown.

Have a Game Strategy

You should also get into the tournament with predetermined strategies that you will use at each stage of the tournament. Having a clear and effective strategy will help you avoid making common mistakes, even when you feel exhausted or overwhelmed.

Mark Your Opponents and Take Note of Everything They Do

You should try to take as many in-game notes as you can on your opponents, which you can then use to beat them at their game. On the same, try to make it as difficult as possible for the other players to read your play.

Avoid Distractions

You should avoid all the possible distractions, allowing you to focus on the tournament at all times. Find a comfortable place, such as your home, at a time when you will not experience distractions. You should also avoid taking alcohol or any other drug that may influence your ability to make sound judgments.


Ways to Reduce the House Edge in Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack is one casino game which has the smallest house edge. Using an optimal approach, the house edge can be decreased to less than 1%. Yet even with these strategies and approaches, in the long run, the casino somehow manages to come out on top. However, here is where card counting can be extremely beneficial. Using card counting, you can reduce the house edge to as low as it is possible, and even make profits. In this article, we will tell you how to count cards and tell you how you can make money.

By counting cards, you get a sketch of the balance of high and low cards which are still in the deck. This allows you to assess if the situation is better than average, meaning that you have a higher probability of making a profit. In this way, you can exploit the favourable situation, by placing higher bets, which will eventually compensate for any previous losses and will also let you make additional profits. Therefore, card counting has a significant impact on the amount of your bets. However, before using this strategy, you have to know the best moves to make in each situation. Therefore, you should use strategy tables to make sure that you play each hand optimally to maximise your probabilities of winning.

Blackjack Card Counting

So how will you identify these favourable situations? How will you know when there are more favourable cards left in the deck. How will you know when to start placing higher bets to make more significant profits? There have to be more high cards left in the deck, like 10’s and aces, for a substantial chance of winning. This means that a lot of the small value cards have to be drawn at the beginning of the game. The pack usually contains between four to eight decks of cards, and at the beginning of the game, there is an equal probability for each card to be drawn. As the game progresses, you have to keep track of all the cards that have been dealt already. You don’t have to remember every card that is drawn. You should simply track the ratio of high cards that are dealt when compared to low cards. Thus, when there are only a few cards left in the pack, you will be able to estimate whether there is a higher chance of the card being high or low. At this point, if a lot of the smaller cards have been drawn already, place an increased bet on it being a higher value card.


Ways in Which Casinos Know that You Might Be Card Counting

Casinos have a lot of tools against card counting. In the end, you might get banned from the casino, or banned from table games.

What the casino might do to bar you

After each shift, the dealer will approach the pit boss and tell him/her about card counting suspicions. This is why we suggest, when the dealer leaves, look for where he goes and if he is pointing to your direction. The pit boss will start observing the play by walking around. If he sees a substantial bet spreads, he might look through the discard tray and count cards backwards to check if your play correlates with the cards that have come out. He might also simply walk up to you and start talking to you in a friendly manner to make you lose your concentration. This is why some people do not start out with 1 unit bets. They might switch between 1-3 unit bets. Moreover, this is why counters train their skills in a way that counting becomes second nature, so that when they do get disturbed, they can continue counting.


When the pit boss starts suspecting something, he might use the phone to call the security for a skills check. They turn the surveillance cameras on you and may analyze your previous play to see if you are in the system. If you are in the system, the pit boss might mark you as a counter in his or her notes. The security of the casino is basically retired card counters so they can tell quickly who is counting and who is not. Then they assess if you are a threat or not. If they think you are a threat to the casino, they come down with a group of people and tell you that you are too good for the game.

Then they might share your information and pictures (collected from surveillance footage) with other casinos. Then you will find out you are banned from other casinos as well.


What the casino might do to prevent people from counting

1. Make the rules worse. Remove doubling after split. Remove late surrender. There are several things that they can do to increase the house edge. Regular players know that bad rules equal fewer winnings too, so many of them would be less likely to play.

2. Use automatic shuffling machines. This makes counting useless. Most players and sometimes even dealers hate these machines.

Online Poker

Tips to Win a Round Of Online Poker

Playing poker online does not demand too much from you. You can sit back at your home and click a few buttons to make the calls or raise and win money. Since most of the time you will not be playing with real money, you can carelessly bet big amounts on blinds and hope to win. But if you want the thrill of winning every round and beat your opponents to play with the biggest stacks, here are, some tips meant just for that.

Lowest stack
Start at lowest stakes

When you register on an online poker game, you will get some complimentary chips to start with. It won’t be much but will be enough to provide you long hours of gaming on small stake tables. On the other hand, if you use all your money in a single game, a big loss can clear out all your chips at once. Beginning with low stakes will give you enough time to understand how the online poker works as well as keep some chips saved for long term winnings.

Adjust to the timebank

Online poker games are fast and need you to act fast before the timer runs out, and you miss your turn. This can be difficult in the begging for the live players who will face difficulty to calculate their risks that fast. The time limit also affects the novice players who are just getting familiar with the game. But they can get used the feeling of running out of time and can improve with time. The time limit online is necessary as thousands of players are playing online at one time, but no one wants to wait minutes on one game.

Single Table

Play at single tables

Novice players switch tables even at the slightest losses thinking that the seat is not fair to them. Online games provide freedom of switching tables instantly, but it is not always a good idea. You can switch the seats in the same table if you are not feeling lucky, but the best practice is to sit at the same table for the entire game. It will help you build your strategy upon your opponents. Once you are confident with your planned strategy, you can move to new tables whenever you are done using all your moves.

Set up a gaming environment

When you are playing at poker games, you do not want to be distracted by anything. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the right decisions and will give up too easily. It will increase the number of mistakes caused by missing out information. Not having a serious environment for a game of poker means that you are not serious about the game. It will stop you from becoming a professional online player. If you are able to play at one table without any distractions outside of poker, you can install another table and give time to two tables at once.

Hold'em Poker

Things No One Tells You About Texas Hold’em Poker

We all know that there is no such thing as a perfect poker game. No matter how good you are, there is always scope for improvement. Similarly, no matter how much you learn, there are still some things that need additional attention, and countering it can help you increase profits. In this article, we will try to identify some of the most common mistakes in Texas Hold’em and tell you how to avoid them.

1. Playing too many hands pre-flop – 

Texas Hold’em can be a boring game when cards are not coming your way. When you catch hold of terrible cards, it can be really annoying. If you let the frustration get the better of you, you are likely to start playing too many hands before the flop. This is the easiest way to give your chips away. Maintaining discipline and sticking to proper strategies even when you have been getting dealt rubbish hands for two hours straight is a mark of an excellent poker player. If you play too many hands pre-flop, you will be in a tricky post-flop situation with weak holdings, often resulting in substantial losses that could have been easily avoided.

Texas Hold'em Poker

2. Overplaying speculative and medium-strength hands – 

It is essential to understand that some hands are just not as strong by definition, like small flushes, second pairs and top pairs with weak kickers. New players often tend to value these hands way too much, playing them almost as if they have the strongest hands. The issue with overestimating these hands is that you are turning them into bluffs. This might get an opponent to fold a more substantial hand. Since these medium-strength hands have only a decent showdown value, you do not have to take aggressive lines with them and play them for what they are worth.

3. Acting too quickly without thinking things through – 

This is an issue for all kinds of players alike. In fact, players often go on auto-pilot and make decisions without thinking, which can lead to expensive mistakes in poker. More often than not, these mistakes could have been avoided with just a few seconds of thinking.


4. Not thinking about other players’ hand ranges – 

When you play Hold’em, there are two critical things you need to worry about, your hand and the hand of your opponents. Some players do not think about the latter and just focus on their own hand. This can be a very costly blunder.

5. Sticking to a plan and not adjusting to other players – 

A good poker player always adapts to the situation at hand. While it is essential to have your own, specific game-plan, you should also be able to deviate from that plan when a particular situation arises. Some players fail to adjust to changing dynamics at the table. There are many ways to adjust against different players, and being open to these changes will help you win more and improve faster.


The Impact of Card Counting on a Simple Card Game


This article aims to prove the best approach for playing Hi-Lo using basic probability. With the use of computer simulations, you can verify that a specific approach is precise and shows what happens to the probability of winning when “counting cards.”


Hi-Lo is an easy card game. A dealer also called the house begins with a standard deck of cards and turns over the top card. The players then guess whether the next card in the deck will be of a higher or lower value than that card. This process of turning over the card and guessing whether the next card is high or low continues through the rest of the pack. The best approach allows the player to guess correctly, more than about 70% of the time.

Card Game

Interestingly, a consequence of the Law of Large Numbers is that remembering which cards have come up already – i.e. “counting cards” – does not substantially increase a player’s chances of guessing correctly. This game becomes more complicated if the player can bet on his or her guesses. The player can use a simple strategy to increase his or her expected winnings by 50% compared to always betting the same amount. More significantly, the player can also “count cards” and pick up an even more significant advantage.

Experimental Procedure

First, you need to play the game by yourself. Start working on developing your own strategy for playing the game (for example, if the card is higher than seven you always guess lower if the card is less than seven you always guess higher) and then test the strategy out by taking a standard deck of 52 cards and keeping record of how often you can guess correctly if the next card is lower or higher than the one you turned over. If you guess right more than 70% of the time, you have got the correct approach. The next thing you have to do is select a programming language. If you have never programmed before, start with QBASIC, as it is available for free at many online sites and is closer to English than many other programming languages. You will then need to write a computer simulation that plays thousands of hands of this card game. Your simulation program needs to have two parts. The first is a shuffling routine to make sure that the deck is random. The second is the actual strategy you have chosen. You will also have to write some data collection routines, so you know how many times you have won or lost, and on which cards.


A more advanced project would examine different betting and card counting strategies to determine the optimal betting strategy in different circumstances. You can also determine how much “the house” should pay to a player who guesses correctly, how many decks “the house” should use to discourage card counting, and how far the dealer should deal into the decks before shuffling and starting over.

Rubrics to Follow While Playing Poker Online

Playing poker online may seem easy, but now even the professionals are online with their chips, and if you play against one, there is a big chance that you will lose. Such a disaster can be prevented with the help of basic strategies that one needs to bring in practice. A serious player needs to learn the math behind the game, the different types of it, and important tips from the experts which will keep their game alive. Here are the rubrics of the online poker game that you need to follow in order to win.

The basic strategy

Poker is very well a game of chance. If you do not have a good hand, the chances of winning will be low from the beginning. The basic strategy to stick to your seat with your money and wait for the right cards. Playing every hand is not necessary. You can fold when you feel you cannot make any winning combinations at any time.

Playing Poker

Get a feel of the game

Start with playing the game for free. Take your time to learn how the game works before you start chipping big money. People do not take free games seriously and put all-ins in every round. You do not want to be one of them. Consider it like real money and play only at winning possibilities. You will meet players like you who are learning with whom you can have good games while building your experience.

The drawing hand

Poker does not give you a made hand in order to win the pot. You need to make combinations with the cards that you get on the table and based on those cards you can bluff by either forcing your opponent to fold or by trapping them to call/raise. Sometimes playing till the river can give you the advantage even if the flop did not turn lucky for you. If you have two higher cards, and the flop only has small numbers, you can still take the pot if any of the next two cards turn out in your favour. Learn to calculate your odds of winning for making the right decisions.

Pay attention

Know that after everything, poker is just a fresh game in every hand, and you cannot stick you one type of gameplay to keep winning for long. Observation is the key to be able to make the right strategies on the spot. Every player can have strategies of their own. If your opponent is aggressive, you can step down and play a slow game to test their patience. With the right observational skills, you can call on your opponents. This is the skill that even the most professional players practice every day to become better.

Counting Cards

How Well Does Card Counting Work?

Card counting is a prevalent idea in poker and blackjack, though many of the new players have a lot of wrong notions about card counting that has to be cleared up. The biggest question, without a doubt, is whether or not it works, and whether or not it is worth spending the time to learn.

Essentially, card counting is a strategy that requires the players to keep a mental track of the cards that are played during a game of blackjack or poker. It has been used by several professionals such as Blair Hull and Ed Thorp. And while card counting relies on a sharp memory, does it work?

Card Counting Success Stories

There are several reasons why most players shy away from card counting, but it can definitely work if you take the time and have the patience to master it. Here are some of the success stories of players that did well by counting cards.

1. Josh Axelrad – Josh Axelrad was playing blackjack in Las Vegas. He learned the method of card counting and helped his team win thousands of dollars. In 2010, he wrote a book called ‘Repeat Until Rich: A Professional Card Counter’s Chronicle of the Blackjack Wars’, that taught other players the fundamentals.

MIT Blackjack Team

2. MIT Blackjack Team – The MIT Blackjack Team was a group of students and graduates of MIT and other Ivy League colleges who used the card counting techniques to play in casinos from 1979 to the early 2000s successfully. The players invested hours of their time learning the basics of counting cards. Five years after the team was established, the players had already earned over a third of a million dollars. They used to store their winnings in garbage bags while travelling on public transportation to avoid attracting muggers.

3. Jeff Haney – Jeff Haney was a popular card counter in the early 21st century. He was invited to several special events for high rolling blackjack players due to his success. His escapades are documented in several journals featured on the Las Vegas Sun site.

Challenges of Card Counting

Every player dreams of knowing what cards the dealer is holding. This reverses any edge casinos have over their players. Unfortunately, card counting is not nearly as easy as it seems in the first glance. Here are some of the challenges of card counting:

1. Getting Banned if You are Caught – There is a widespread belief that card counting is a way of cheating and therefore, illegal. This is not the case. Card counting is a talent that only a few people can master, and criminalizing it would mean making it illegal to think while playing.

Online Poker

2. Not Practical Online – Card counting can be an excellent strategy to follow at a real casino. However, it is not possible online because the decks are reshuffled after every hand.

3. Dealing with Multiple Decks – Card counting is difficult enough when you are playing with a single deck. It is a hundred times harder if you are playing with multiple decks. Most casinos use four to eight decks for blackjack, which makes it challenging to keep track.

Count odds

How to Count odds and outs in Texas Hold’em Poker?

Poker is the pure love of many gambling fans around the world. It holds ultimate euphoria and attracts many admirers towards it. If you are a fan of Poker, then here is the best advice to count odds and outs in Texas Hold’em Poker.

Learning poker odds and outs are not simple. It takes dedication and passion, just like other hard sports do. Here is a list of tips to count the odds and outs lucidly.

1.     Do basic math

Doing basic math can help you nail the counting of odds in a very more straightforward way. Odds can be represented both as “for” and “against”.  In Poker, you need to flush when you hold four suited cards with one card as approximately 4 to 1. Maintain or learn to manage the same ratio. If you want to identify the odd, you need to add a 4 and 1 simultaneously, which makes it 5. The one method of converting the odds is by dividing the percentage chance by possibilities of you hitting and not hitting.

2.    Counting the outs

The best poker gamer says that even before you start to calculate your odds, you need to know your outs. An out card is one which is going to make your hand. There are a lot of examples to show the write way of calculating outs. One is, say you have a flush to draw with four hearts, and then there will be nine hearts remaining in the deck. Do not forget that there are 13 cards in a suit, so basically you have got 13-4= 9 cards to flush.

3.    Do not count the outs twice

This is the prevalent mistake committed by the players. You always have 15 outs left when you have both straight and flush draw. Many people come with a dilemma of the numbers of outs they think there supposed to be 17 outs, but now it is 15. You need eight outs to make a straight and nine out for a flush.

4.    Know the anti-outs and blocks

There are many outs which can improve your hand. That does not mean it is ideal for making you win.  It is advisable to know the side of caution when you asses possible outs. Remember that all your outs are not going to help you. There are good outs, not so good outs and anti-outs, use them carefully.



5.    Counting the poker odds

Once you are done with counting the number of outs, it is time to count the odds. There many multitudes of ways to calculate the actual odds. You need not take the help of math to count them. Most of the chances go in hitting the wrong odds. Sometimes the accuracy will fail, but rigorous practice can help you nail it.


Straight Flush

Few Things You Need to Know About Making a Straight Flush

In this article, we will be explaining how to calculate the probability of being dealt a straight flush in stud poker.

What is a Straight?

In stud poker, two types of hands can be classified as a straight.

Straight flush – Five cards with the same suit in sequence, such as 3♥, 4♥, 5♥, 6♥, 7♥.

Ordinary Straight – Five cards in sequence, with at least two cards with different suits. Thus, 10♠, J♥, Q♦, K♣, A♥ and A♠, 2♥, 3♦, 4♣, 5♥ are valid straights.

Ordinary Flush

In this article, we will be calculating the probabilities for a straight flush.

Probability of a Straight Flush

Let us execute the systematic plan to find the chances of a straight flush.

Firstly, count the number of five-card hands that can be dealt from a deck of 52 cards. This becomes a combination problem. n! / r!(n – r)! is the number of combinations. There are 52 cards in the deck, so the value of n is 52. And the cards are dealt in random groups of 5, so the value of r is 5. Thus, the number of combinations becomes:

52C5 = 52! / 5!(52 – 5)! = 52! / 5!47! = 2,598,960

Poker Card

Hence, there are 2,598,960 distinct poker hands.

Next, count the number of ways in which five cards can be dealt to deliver a straight flush. As we have seen earlier, a straight flush consists of five cards in order, each card with the same suit. It needs two independent choices to create a straight flush:

Choose the rank of the lowest card. For a straight, the lowest card can be an ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10. So, we choose one rank from a set of 10 ranks. The number of ways to do this becomes 10C1.

Choose one suit for the hand. There are four suits, from which we choose one. The number of ways to do this becomes 4C1.

The number of ways to produce a straight flush (Numsf) is equal to the product of the number of ways to make each independent choice. Therefore,

Numsf = 10C1 * 4C1 = 10 * 4 = 40


Conclusion: 40 different poker hands fall in the category of straight flush.

Finally, we compute the probability. There are 2,598,960 unique poker hands. Of those, 40 are straight flushes. Therefore, the probability of being dealt a straight flush (Psf) is:

Psf = 40 / 2,598,960 = 0.00001539077169

The chances of being dealt a straight flush is, therefore, 0.00001539077169. On average, a straight flush is dealt one time in every 64,974 deals.

Flush in Poker

The Odds of making a Straight Flush in Poker

There are many odds of making a straight Flush in a Poker. Few of them are listed here.

1.     Odds of doing a straight flush on the flop

Flopping of a straight flush is often in a poker game. For these things to happen, one must need two suited connected cards. The flopping of the straight flush of odds is very rare, where most of the poker calculators don’t show the precise. To figure out this, one has to do a little bit of basic math like combination and permutation. The only ones that can give straight flush are the suited connectors. Other holdings like pocket-pars, off-suit pairs cannot flop a straight flush.

2.    Odds of getting a straight flush on the later streets

There are two basic types of straight flush. The one is the gutshot straight flush draw, and the other is the open-ended straight flush draw. The Gutshot straight flush draws possess out in the deck, and the open straight flush will have two outs in the deck respectively.

3.    Odds hitting by the River

To calculate the combination of running by the River, there generates a trick of calculating the possibility of not hitting but nailing to subtracting from 100%. The odds of not catching the gutshot straight flush on the 46/47 are roughly 4.3%.

4.    Implied odds of a straight flush

The straight flush is an excellent implied odds. It is achieved because of our opponent who usually forced into stacking off hands like worse flushes and full houses. The straight flush carries better-implied odds, this is seen only on the hole cards. Picking one of the hole cards means that four more cards are remaining for the straight flush. This situation is quite risky since our opponent might pay us with worse holdings. Straight flushes should be folded since they possess great implied odds when lower straight flush is on the board.

5.    Avoid complication

This is one of the straightforward but handy tips.  Here the straight flush can get you confused. All that you need to do is avoid complications. The complications can be of any type. It can be with numbers or draws, etc. Not every time complications occur, but when it happens, you will lose track of it and venture into losing the win.


6.   Keep consistency

One best tip of making straight flush is by staying calm and attentive. Observe the hands and cards and prepare for the upcoming move, even before you set to nail it. There are a few best practices that you need to do, like keeping extra cards, watching the co-player and hands. The probabilities of getting straight flushes are considered when your count is right.

Poker Game Online

How to play Texas Hold’em Poker Game Online

Before you jump into the Texas online poker, it will be better to start you learning with the fundamentals of Texas Hold’em Poker. As technology improved, many developments took place in every field and gambling was not left untouched. Gambling is one of the major games played online, and especially poker is the top listed online game. So let us start our understanding about online Texas Hold’em Poker.

What is the Texas Hold’em Poker game?

Texas Hold’em poker game is one of the popular card game. In these games, each player is given with two cards which will be faced upside down. Other than these cards, there will be other cards also which will be facing roof and are called as the community cards.


How to play the Texas Hold’em Poker game online?

This is how Texas Hold’em poker is played. In the beginning, the two cards will be facing upside down to every player. These first cards are called the “hole cards”. A round of betting follows this step.

  • The betting starts from the small blind to the left of the dealer driving to the big blind.
  • These bets are compulsory to see the other cards.
  • The games are running around the clock, starting from the blind.
  • Next, the dealer burns the cards to deal with three community cards to face upwards. These three cards are considered as the flops.
  • Then happens the second round betting, in here the players to the left bet. Once the bet is called, every player gets a chance to raise, call or fold.
  • In the next step, the dealer burns another card and drives the fourth card to face the community. This fourth card is called the turn card.
  • The third round of betting takes place right after turning the fourth card. In this bet, the size of the chance is usually tripled by the players.
  • As soon as the betting is achieved, the dealer burns another card. Then faces the fifth and final card to eth community.
  • After this step, a final round of betting is carried out. It is same as the second and third round of betting, nothing exclusive.
  • The showdown round is when a player uses his best five-card combination of both hole card and the community cards. After this, the remaining players will show their hands.
  • The highest five-card holding hand wins the game.


There are many rules and regulation in the game of Texas Hold’em poker. The game might seem easy and straightforward, but it does possess n numbers of sensitivities and concerns. The offline mode of Texas Hold’em is ultimate fun and enticement. The fun part of the game is betting and finding the right card hand. The game is a high-quality poker and is admired by many poker fans throughout the globe.


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Ace the Game of Texas Hold’em Poker With these Tips

Every Texas hold’em, poker player, regardless of being a beginner or advanced, could use some helpful tips. We have brought together some tips for you:

1. You don’t have to play every hand. When your hand is weak, just fold. The most usual mistake that almost all beginner and intermediate poker players make is that they play every hand, regardless of whether it is strong or not, just to be a part of the game. If you play every hand, you will lose a lot more than if you play the strong hands only. You need to be patient, and learn to wait for the right hand to play with.

Casino Table

2. Choose the right table based on your bankroll and skills. A typical mistake that beginners make is to play on tables with high bet limits. This is where the advanced players sit and play, and this is where high stakes are placed. A beginner player might lose his bankroll very quickly on a table like this. As a beginner, always play on tables with low limits.

3. Never play while you are drunk. After a couple of drinks, you might feel more comfortable, but in any case, the alcohol will definitely affect your concentration and will weaken your decision-making skills.

4. Observe the other player. Observe your opponents’ actions and moves because this will help you understand how to play. This is an essential aspect in a game of Texas hold’em poker because it is always good to know when an opponent is bluffing, and when he really has a strong hand.


5. Don’t bluff when it is not possible or necessary. A lot of players consider bluffing as a vital part of the game and think it is essential to try to bluff every now and then. You need to understand that bluffing is not always a good idea, and it might bring you losses. Bluffing can only work in specific situations and against certain players.

6. Don’t play a hand till the end just because you are already in it. One mistake beginners make is playing a hand, that is not the strongest on the table, till the end because they have already put money in the pot. If you think that your hand will not be winning, then simply forget about the money you have put in the pot already and fold instead of calling because you might lose a lot more this way.


A Brief History of Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most famous variants of poker. Even though very little is known about the origin of Texas hold’em, the Texas Legislature officially sees Robstown, Texas, as the game’s origin place, dating it to the early 1900s.

The game spread throughout Texas around that time after which, hold’em was brought to Las Vegas in 1963 at the California Club. Corky McCorquodale introduced it. The game became famous and spread to the Golden Nugget, Stardust and Dunes. In 1967, a group of gamblers, including Doyle Brunson, Crandell Addington, and Amarillo Slim were playing in Vegas. This is when the original form where aces were low were changed to “ace high”. Crandell Addington reported that the first time he came across the game was in 1959. They did not call the game Texas hold’em at that time. They just called it hold’em. He thought then that the game would surely catch on and become the game as it was to be played strategically. This was more a game of strategy than just luck.


For quite a long time, the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas was the only casino to offer the game. Because of the location and decor, this poker room did not receive many wealthy clients, because of which, professional players sought a more prominent place. In 1969, the Las Vegas professionals were encouraged to play the game at the entrance of the Dunes Casino (now demolished) on the Las Vegas Strip. This accessible location and the inexperience of poker players with Texas hold’em, resulted in a very lucrative game for professional players. After an unsuccessful effort to organise a “Gambling Fraternity Convention”, Tom Moore added the first-ever poker playing tournament to the Second Annual Gambling Fraternity Convention held in 1969. The tournament featured numerous games including Texas hold’em. Benny and Jack Binion, in 1970, procured the rights to this convention and renamed it the World Series of Poker. They moved the convention to their casino which was called the Binion’s Horseshoe, in Las Vegas. After the first year, Tom Thackrey, a journalist, suggested that the main game of the tournament should be Texas hold’em. The Binions agreed and ever since Texas hold’em has been played as the main game.


During this phase, B & G Publishing Co., Inc. published Doyle Brunson’s popular poker strategy guide, Super/System. The book revolutionised the way poker was perceived and played. It was one of the first and the most popular books to talk about Texas hold’em, and is considered as one of the essential books on the game today.